Innovation In Network Design & Installation

I-Evolve provides network consulting and design of computer network systems. We are experienced in all aspects of discovery, design and implementation. We can offer assistance in upgrading your network capabilities or adding additional enhancements. We can work with your current IT staff in the design of your technology or we can perform all the work ourselves. Every design we innovate comes with complete documentation of the network configuration and settings.

Meeting to discuss IT needs

Excellence In Architectural Planning

Information technology, properly planned and implemented, can help your organization secure and maintain a competitive edge. I-Evolve’s can help you make that happen.

We'll assist you with gaining a better understanding of where IT fits into your enterprise strategy. We can design the hardware, software and infrastructure that your unique needs require. We’re able to design and develop the software you need and connect you to the cloud. We’ll help you analyze your data to support your decision processes.

Tell us what your target is or let us work with you to identify it.  You’ll benefit from our deep experience, trained consultants and proven processes. We’ll help keep your IT strategy on target and your budget on track with reduced cost of ownership.  You’ll also reap the tangible and intangible benefits of improved efficiencies in your business process.

Network Health Check Inspects Your Internal IT

Network Health Check

Prefer to have a high level analysis of the current Health and Wellness of your IT Network?  I-Evolve professionals can review, analyze and report on:

  • Backup and disaster recovery setup and effectiveness
  • Current anti-virus effectiveness
  • Bandwidth utilization and efficiency
  • Computer hardware / software OS
  • Server hardware / software OS
  • E-mail platform / Document domain information
  • Network topology
  • Wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Phone / voice systems