Three tips to improving your internal communication
You’d think we would be pretty good at internal communications for a cloud and VoIP services provider, right? But as you can imagine, with over 30 employees working in various modes (remote workers, field techs, sales team, office staff, after-hours support, etc.), communication is not always perfect.
Key Factors Driving the Decision to use Managed IT Services
How do you decide whether to use Managed IT Services, or to keep the function in-house? This guide will help you!
Optimizing Cyber Insurance: How Cybersecurity Can Help
The cyber insurance market is getting tougher and for many organizations it’s getting harder – and more expensive – to secure coverage. Fortunately, good cybersecurity can facilitate cyber insurance in multiple ways: from making it easier to get coverage, to lowering premiums and removing barriers to pay outs if you need to make a claim.
What is MDR?
Managed Detection & Response, or MDR, is 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response delivered by an expert team as a fully managed service.
The Benefits of Co-Managed IT Support
Businesses in Buffalo, NY have found that partnering their IT department with an outside IT Services provider has many advantages.
NYS Issues New Requirement for 10-Digit Dialing
i-Communicate G3 customers need not worry! Read on to find out why...
Network Health Check
What's included in a Network Health Check?
Preparing to Reopen Your Business
A 51-Point IT & CYBERSECURITY Preparedness Checklist