Is your network in good shape?

Your network is the central pillar of your IT infrastructure – the very backbone of your organization. With the evolution of viruses, malware and increasingly sophisticated hackers, your network needs to not only be more ef cient, but secure against attacks.

I-Evolve's Network Health Check gives you thorough feedback regarding critical aspects of your network and is the rst step in creating a strong, resilient and dependable infrastructure. So whether you're looking for a general overview of the health of your network or considering an entire network refresh, I-Evolve can help.

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With I-Evolve's Network Health Check, you'll benefit from the services of our skilled professional teams, cutting-edge capabilities and proven methodologies. All work is performed to industry best practice and is aligned with major industry standards for security, quality management, and customer service.

Our Network Health Check is just one of the many solutions offered in I-Evolve's end-to-end system approach. You can call upon our expertise for all your networking requirements.

I-Evolve technical experts review and report on:

  • Backup & disaster recovery effectiveness
  • Current anti-virus effectiveness
  • Bandwidth utilization & efficiency
  • Computer hardware/software/OS
  • Server hardware/software/OS
  • Network topology
  • Wired & wireless infrastructure
  • Phone/voice systems
  • Firewall setup & security
  • E-mail platform/ Document domain information

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