Take Your Desktop Wherever You Work

Why go to the office to access data on your physical desktop computer when your "desktop" can go everywhere with you?

I-Evolve revolutionizes the relationship between you and your desktop by transforming your traditional stationary desktop into a virtual one that you can access securely, via the Internet (cloud) – anytime, anywhere, with any device.

i-VDesktop will dramatically improve your business agility, bolster the mobility and productivity of your workforce and significantly reduce your desktop computing costs.

All you need is a PC, laptop, thin client or mobile device and an internet connection. We do the rest. We provide you with a full Windows environment and functionality so easy to use you’ll never know you weren’t using a PC.  Any additional applications you need can be installed on demand.  Since we’re backing up, managing and maintaining the cloud desktops, you enjoy confidence and peace of mind knowing they’re available 24/7/365. 

Remote Desktop

Reduce Hardware And Maintenance Costs

By delivering desktops from the data center, I-Evolve significantly reduces your per-desktop support costs. When you upload a security patch or software update to the master copy, all virtual desktop users are automatically served the updated Standard Operating Environment (SOE) the next time they log in.

Your applications can be packaged and maintained in one place for all users. Any software issues can be fixed in one place. And because i-VDesktop is a cloud service, you can shift costs from capital expenditures to operating expenses- better aligning your costs with your use and business cycles.

Improve Security

In the new era of cyber threats, malicious agents are sponsored by nation-states that seek access to your organization’s most sensitive data. Cyber security is more important than ever.

i-VDesktop offers superior security over traditional desktops or laptops. By maintaining your mobile workers’ sensitive data within the data center, I-Evolve eliminates any concern about loss or theft of an employee’s laptop. By centralizing the management of security, regulatory compliance, business continuity, disaster recovery and information governance, I-Evolve rolls out security patches and updates and backs up employee data in the background.

Employees can access the applications they need from virtually anywhere without compromising security.


Go Greener

Traditional desktop devices are not environmental friendly.  They use significantly more power, and generate more greenhouse gases than energy efficient desktop instances maintained within a data center.

Thin clients, smart phones, iPads and other devices are much more energy efficient than traditional desktops, so use of these also reduces power usages and allows your organization to go greener.

Unlike a physical desktop, which is left on during the work day whether it is being used or not, virtual desktop computing capacity is mostly apportioned as needed which further reduces energy consumption.

Cloud Desktop Benefits

  • Reduce hardware and maintenance costs
  • Reduced volume of support calls
  • Reduced tough-labor costs
  • Simplifed upgrades and new deployments
  • Increased lifetime of assets (thin clients last longer than traditional desktops)
  • Centralized security policies that avoid the need for on-location remedial work

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