Our Multiple Secure Data Centers Provide Reliable & Redundant Protection

It happens to every business and organization.  An unexpected event occurs and the inability to access your data, applications and other critical operational information brings your business to a grinding halt.  Without a backup and recovery plan in place, the functionality and even survival of your business is at serious risk.

Data loss can happen for many reasons.  Hardware and software can crash.  People can cause accidents or make mistakes.  Natural disasters and catastrophes such as fires, power outages and structural failures are unforeseen events that can and do occur.  It’s why having a contingency plan in place that keeps your data secure and recoverable is essential to the success of any business.

Data Backup

At I-Evolve, we are focused on providing simplified yet comprehensive contingency and recovery plans that insulate your business against unexpected data loss.  Whether you require planning assistance or executional support, we have the expertise and experience necessary to be your complete data recovery solution.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Does your company have a plan to secure your business continuity should a fire, flood or unforeseen computer crisis arise? Crisis management should be a top priority for every business. We offer recovery planning, validating and consulting so everyday disasters will not interrupt your business.

Office Data Replication

I-Evolve´s online backup service cloud helps protect your business by sending copies of your critical data files to our secure offsite data storage cloud facility every night. Our online backup system is automatic, affordable, and secure. Your most valuable business asset will always be safe, even if your computers are not.

Cold-site and Hot-site Server Recovery

A mirror of your IT system will be located at the I-Evolve Data Center. When the production system goes down, services will be switched to the mirrored site. Servers can be either dedicated or virtual with recovery time measured in minutes not days

Featured Backup Services

i-Standby - Complete backup and disaster recovery

i-Standby is a backup and disaster recovery solution that addresses the multiple requirements of the backup, disaster recovery and business continuity needs of your business. The i-Standby appliance is installed at your location, replicates your data and then sends that replicated data to our secure data center. In the event of a hardware failure at your facility, you can run off of the backups in our secure facility while your hardware is restored.

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Still using tapes to back up? Compare Tape vs. i-Standby



Could take up to 48-72 hours to restore a failed server

Built-in virtualization provides a Standby Server in less than 15 minutes

Often takes hours to days to restore based on where tapes are located

Recover a single file, a single mailbox item or an entire server in minutes

Offsite storage can be expensive and tapes are often taken to an employee’s home as an alternative

Utilize I-Evolve’s data center or replicate to another i-Standby Appliance at your own site

Recovering data from tape takes many steps and replacement hardware isn’t always available

Same day delivery services are provided by I-Evolve with the Standby Server ready to host servers (additional fee)

Disaster Recovery Colocation

There are many benefits of colocating your mission-critical equipment within a data center. With IT and communications facilities in safe, secure hands, telecommunications, internet, ASP and content providers, as well as enterprises, enjoy less latency and the freedom to focus on their core business while realizing a time and cost savings.

Additionally, customers who use our colocation center reduce their traffic back-haul costs and free up their internal networks for other uses. Moreover, outsourcing network traffic to our colocation data center provides a higher bandwidth capacity than you can offer internally.

Featured Backup Services

Onsite & Offsite Backup & Recovery

Disaster Recover Benefits

  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Office data replication
  • Cold-site and Hot-site server recovery
  • Automatic, remote and secure file backups
  • Colocation

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